Patch Up Your Gas Line Before the Leak Gets Worse

Patch Up Your Gas Line Before the Leak Gets Worse

Take advantage of our gas line repair and installation services in Springville, UT

Gas leaks aren’t always easy to spot, especially if they’re behind your appliances. Unusual increases in your gas bills, a strong rotten egg odor in your home and the sound of hissing air near your line can all indicate a gas leak. If you think you might have a gas leak in your home, get out of the house and contact your gas company immediately.

Once they’ve shut off your gas, you can count on Barwick Heating & Cooling for gas line repair work. As a company that’s certified by the Rocky Mountain Gas Association (RMGA), we have the knowledge and skills required to patch up your leak or repair your red-tagged meter in no time.

Call 801-800-2665 now to get started on your gas line repair. We’re available 24/7 for emergencies in the Springville, UT area.

When do you need a new gas line?

Barwick Heating & Cooling can do more than just patch up your gas leak. We can perform a full gas line installation at your home with ease.

Not sure whether you need a new gas line? Consider installing one if you’re:

  • Converting an electric stove to a gas range
  • Converting an electric dryer to a gas dryer
  • Installing a new outdoor grill
  • Installing new baseboard heaters
  • Renovating your fireplace
  • Hooking up a home generator

Reach out to Barwick Heating & Cooling now to schedule a gas line installation appointment in the Springville, UT area.